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"It’s so easy to sing the praises of Sean Lanyi and his qualities as a golf instructor.  Not only is he a knowledgeable and talented golf instructor, Sean is a man of integrity with a wonderful personality.  As the founder of Diva Golfers and the Latina Golfers Association, I was seeking a golf instructor in Orange County.  I feel so blessed to have found Sean.  He has been conducting our golf clinics and lessons for the past three years and his performance has been exceptional.   Sean makes what could be an intimidating occurrence for newbies, a relaxing and practical experience.   I will continue to utilize the services of Sean as a golf instructor.   I highly recommend him as a golf instructor for men, women and youth." 

Azucena Maldonado

"Golf lessons with Sean Lanyi was a wonderful experience. He was very friendly, professional, helpful and thorough. His knowledge and expertise were very well received. My husband (an experienced golfer)and myself (a first-time beginner) both benefitted from his enjoyable lessons!"
Eric & Lori Johnston

"After more than 20 years away from the game of golf, I’ve gotten bitten by the golf bug once again. My other concern was my wife whom I wanted to learn the game and had never really swung a golf club before .My junior son who is a very good baseball player, also wanted to learn the game of golf. I wanted a teacher that could work with us individually. Boy did I pick the right guy. Sean Lanyi. Sean Lanyi exemplifies the word professional in P.G.A. He is courteous, considerate and has the student’s genuine interest at heart. That’s what’s so great about Sean as a teacher. He assesses your goals and then through his training methods and superior knowledge of the golf swing, Sean makes your goals become reality. My wife got a little discouraged a couple of times but Sean gave her the confidence and encouragement to continue to work hard and enjoy the game. She now has a better understanding for the golf game and the golf swing and we have enjoyed several rounds of golf together. My son, thanks to Sean’s great teaching ability and patience has taken on such a great passion for the game. My son after taking lessons from Sean enjoyed the game so much that he almost thought about going out for the varsity Golf team instead of baseball. Since working with Sean he has gone from shooting 120’s to the low 90’s within 6 weeks. For myself what can I say? When I told Sean I wanted to get back to my single digit handicap that I had when I was in my 20’s he immediately set me on a course to accomplish that goal. One of the best tools I liked was his use of video for you to gain a better understanding of your golf swing. His technical analysis of the golf swing is incredible. He also e-mailed me updated copies of my swing so you actually can see a visual improvement. Through patience, persistence and practice Sean makes you realize anything is possible. Thanks for everything Sean, you’re the best."
The De Luca Family

Golf Lessons with Sean are paying off! In spite of myself, I've discovered my golf game is actually improving! Sean's easy-going style and sharp eye on how best to improve one's game, I'm hitting the ball farther and with more accuracy than ever before! Fat chance I will ever make the LPGA Tour but my improved golf game sure makes it a lot more fun when I play golf on the weekends with my husband! John is just as pleased with the improvement in his own game, thanks to Sean's skillful mentoring we both enjoy our time together on the golf course! Thanks Sean!
John & Ronnie Hogue

"Sean Lanyi was the first golf instructor I ever trusted with my golf game. I was an accomplished junior and amateur player receiving dozens of golf scholarships for college. After deciding to stay home and hone my skills, I began working with Sean and my game went to a level I had never seen nor expected. I went from a scratch golfer to a +4 handicap and recording my lowest rounds ever. Not only did Sean make my golf swing better and more consistent, he also developed my short game from an inconsistent weakness into something I could rely on. Sean’s passion for golf is immediately seen and his desire to improve his students is immense. Sean takes a great care in not only his student’s games but their lives as well. Sean’s personality and passion make the lessons fun and will make you want to improve your game. Sean is the only person I will trust with my golf game and have the pleasure of considering him a great friend off the course as well. "
Richard Pawlasek

"Sean was my first golf instructor. I went to golf school with my husband not to learn for myself, but to support his efforts to learn a new sport. As a 50 year old women who had never held a golf club to say I was intimidated would be an understatement. Sean teaching ability is amazing! Not only did he teach me the fundamentals, I came away with a love for the game. I have yet to break 100, but know it is in my immediate future. I left with the tools to improve my game, a good practice routine and the knowledge that I can continue to improve. Sean never gave up, even when I wanted to. He would just explain in a different way and kindly lead me to success. You can tell Sean loves the game. I would recommend Sean to anyone who wants to improve or get back their love for the game, or like myself has never been on a golf course!"
Paula Field

My son and I attended a five – day school and all I can say is that we had one of the best weeks we could possibly imagine. The golf school exceeded our expectations in every possible dimension. Obviously, the key is a fantastic instructor as Sean Lanyi certainly fills that role. Sean is such a mature and patient individual, and quite an excellent communicator. He works with poise and a great sense of humor. True gentlemen, Sean made this week the best father-son experience I have ever had, and created memories that will last a lifetime.
Ashley Anderson Jr.

“I believe that one of Sean Lanyi’s greatest strengths is how much time and effort he has given to crafting the complex set of movements of the golf swing into simple segments of a coordinated lesson plan. As a long-time dedicated golfer, I can appreciate the tremendous amount of thought that created a set drills and technique that Sean so easily, and graciously, conveys to his students.”
Gregory M. Hawkins

“Sean’s overall knowledge, confidence, creativity and passion for teaching the game of golf make him a sough after instructor. Above and beyond teaching golf, Sean has a natural business sense and knows what it takes to build a successful golf instruction operation. He makes ample contributions to the PGA Section and to the growth of junior golf. Sean has a zest for life and a broad range of talents. He can relate to people in many ways and on many levels, making for a world class golf professional, businessman and educator.”
Jerry King, PGA
Director of Instruction
Kapalua Golf Academy

“The true essence of the game is the feel of the integrity, history, and invigorating and healthful aspects that rounds golf out as the premier sport for any and all ages. You are a ricochet of all these things through your consistent professionalism and outstanding teaching methodology. You are a great credit to the game of golf. I am grateful for your teaching skills, but more than that, I am pleased and proud to have you as a friend.”
John F. Sweeney

“I thought Sean would tweak my swing and make some minor adjustments. No such luck. Starting with my grip, he changed everything—the address, spine angle, distance from the ball, ball position, take away, the load, etc., etc., etc. It was agony. Sean had me doing all kinds of exercises like hitting an impact bag and pushing a 2x4 creating extension. To his credit, Sean did ask me at the beginning what my goals were, and I told him I want to be a scratch golfer within five years. Sean took me seriously and built a program to help me accomplish that. If you’re looking for an instructor who gets results—and has a vision for a full-blown instructional program that will build a name for a golf club/country club—Sean Lanyi is your man.”
Scott Oelke

“Sean is a model of what a golf professional should be – conscientious, responsible and highly skilled in the game of golf, both as a player and a teacher. Sean is highly intelligent with a very curious nature about the mechanics of the swing and short game and always looking to improve his knowledge of teaching.”
Jim Waldron
Director of Instruction
Balance Point Golf Training

“Sean consistently maintains his enthusiasm and more importantly is able to inspire his students to feel positive about their game and progression. Sean’s winning personality and sense of humor will lead to Sean being a strong leader throughout his entire career.”
Tim Dietrich, PGA

“Sean’s personality and straightforward approach, paired with his ability to communicate to various personalities and skill levels led to a 3 – day golf school that was above and beyond the best instruction I have received. I value Sean’s instruction, his honesty and professionalism. I would not hesitate to use his services again and have the utmost confidence that he will succeed in any professional endeavor.”
Kelby Rovig

"Sean has helped me become a great golfer. I don't know where I would be if Sean wasn't my coach. Every time I see him he tells me that I have great potential. He helps me fix my problems."

Frank Frisbee

"We are extremely pleased and impressed with Sean Lanyi's teaching methods and enthusiasm. Pairing solid fundamental teaching skills with high energy and plenty of positive reinforcement, he is improving our son's understanding of this complex sport. Under his coaching direction, our son is blossoming into a competitive junior golfer again. Sean has helped restore his confidence, improved his technique, and expanded his mental skills."

Rex and Lorraine Frisbee


"I am a 50 + year old recreational golfer who golf's for fun. My game was so-so but I wanted to do better. In March, 2009 I attended a two day golf school with Sean Lanyi. The class consists of 3 hours of lessons, and then 3 hours playing actual golf with Sean! Sean instructs with positive reinforcement, caring, and creative in his teaching style. For me, Sean describes improvement by creating visual comparisons to help you understand the technique better. Chipping, pitching, putting, and slices where my goals to learn and correct. After the two day course; I can Chip! I can pitch! I can read a green! Most importantly, when I goof, I understand why and can correct myself. It's been a couple of weeks now, and already I have improved 110%!!! Sean is a friendly, gifted and talented instructor who I highly recommend."




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